19 de marzo de 2011

Day & Night

Art of climbing

From a sunny day to night of grip in Can Boquet. It seems impos
sible but new lines are borning in Clàssic sector some old projects and new sit start version of classic problems like "A palo seko sit". Finally I did in clean climbing style the problem that is named like the famous film "Transpoting" double rotpunk with Jose.

Trainspotting 7C
Grade always approx ( more or less)

4 comentarios:

  1. Esteu penjats! En aquesta hora els rosegadors han de sortir a buscar llenya, si els estorbeu amb els frontals us prohibiran escalar a can bóquet!!

  2. All cats are black at night!


  3. how how...

    WHATAFUCK is clean climbing style in boulder climbing??? ( tell me fool and give me holds)

    Congrats for your sends, maybe 7c has not already any secret for you???

  4. Clean climbing style is when you are like water flowing in the rock. Mystic experience...you know it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! You are one of my sources of inspiration for rock climbing.