14 de diciembre de 2011

The end

This is the end of selfharm climbing. No more pain. Thank you all people! .......We will be back probably next year with another kind of thinking! This is the end my only friend.

28 de noviembre de 2011


Three days in the forest, we climbed with some good friends and  trash colection in the clean up day by Charko. Thanks to everyone for respect this incredible place.

Meeting in Peninsula

22 de noviembre de 2011

The path

Cool and sunny day in Targassone. Tranki drove us from home to heaven with his spaceship and delighted us with a lot of different music to raise the motivation, it was an awesome session but a friend from Italy called Julio didn't understand this rare songs! 

"Walker , there is no path 
the path is make when walking" 

When we arrived first, we went to Deux Païenes sector to warmed up and we found some friends there like Edu, Nacho and Pol, after this we send "Little death" for me one of the most beautiful lines. At last we went to Dolmens sector with a lot of good lines and  I wanted to touch the sit start version of "I shoot sarconazy"  and  the surprise was that I did all movements and could link some of them. Now I think it's possisble, I like so much movements and it's one my really styles. Keep psyched!

        Curious Energy Drink:

This energy drink is not an sponsor, but is indicated for recovery of effects of suspicious minds, black eyes adictions and for the recovery of beens, who see  young people come up like foam.

13 de noviembre de 2011

Suspicious minds

           We can't build our dreams on suspicious minds. This is the name of the new  line wich refered about people who  are always in suspicious mode and is their  way  to see the life. Suspicious minds really nice line  situated on sector Deux païenes in Targasonne, is an awesome boulder five stars. Start on Gothic you have to folow the fisure and go out before Loby one. Don't forget to try it!

Fran aka "Te rie"  in Suspicious minds 6C

We're caught in a trap
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much baby

Why can't you see
What you're doin' to me
When you don't believe a word I say?

We can't go on together
With suspicious minds 
And we can't build our dreams
On suspicious minds

The King - Suspicious minds

27 de septiembre de 2011

The learn theory

(Sorry! Under construction by discussions of the comments...Dynamic post) 

Climb in your limit. Keep always learning! Overcoming the difficulty bring us happiness.

Nice video from reisargantana.blogspot.com of this summer

23 de agosto de 2011

Magic time!

 Relax in Magic wood like a spa with cold water and also cold nights with good friends. Magic place. 

Bridge & river

Swiss tool


Vip Zone 

We send a lot of classics like "Grit de luxe" at Beach bloc, "La dance", "Höhenrausch" perfect boulder , "Intermetzzo", "Red roses"  and many more......nice trip!

"La dance" Sit @ night & Moon smoke

29 de julio de 2011

Keep on move

All about how to make movements. If you try to do the movements perfectly you can have more security in your climbing and mind control becomes more easy.  Alex Honnold free solo climber and best mind player, explains this theory at his incredible film "Alone on the wall"

We follow the weather maps to choose the best days for bouldering. In Targasonne we search the north wind better condition for climb in summer. 

"Black bloc" 7C
Foto: Ivan  from  reisargantana.blogspot.com

"Bottant Botton" 7B+
Foto: Carlota

14 de junio de 2011

End of season

Last days of bouldering in Albarracín with friends.There were all kind of insects. The sun shined but also made ​​some wind that left us climb some problems.

Remember it's completely forbidden to climb in Bezas ( all sectors), Sol and Masia. Also it's completely forbidden to climb at Peninsula, Psicokiller, Acantilados and Valle de madera from 10 January  to 15 August.


20 de mayo de 2011

Coupled lines

The rotpunkt is the end of a history is like a trip with no return. It can be happyness or sadness and sometimes could be both. Long time working in a project and in a few seconds.....

Last week on friday the history ended. I finally climbed the classic underclimb crack named "Biceps power". About two years of work in this amazing problem, always was physical and sometimes mental self harm climbing. Thanks to Armando methodes, Marcos ,Oriol and all people for motivation.

"Biceps power" 8A/8A+
This thursday was like a decoupling of mind and body........and I did "Phoas hole". It Is little crazy roof in Targasonne. Starts with two little underclimb crimps, really hard first moves and body tension to the end. Double rotpunkt with Armando. In the Afternoon it rains and we went to explore a new zone with a lot of potential new lines.

"Psoas hole" 8A+

2 de mayo de 2011


Song of the month: Pendulum – Watercolour

A few days ago we went to the chaos of love and I did in the end of the day one of the best boulders "Loby one" very incredible tecnical slab with a happy end. Also I did "I shoot sarconazy" in dyno version and "Compression" in stand up start. With a lot of fanatics friends we try some of the classics, like "Cerdagne air line" and crazy "Zdabaow" and a lot of other perfects projects of the chaos.

6 de abril de 2011

Parallel worlds

Two months ago I did "El poder de la mente" in Can boquet spend a few days to get the top. This boulder has very intresting movements: first move it' s hard about 7A+/7B and and has a final agonic mantle. Today I did in the first try the travese called "El poder de spiderjoan" a little more easy for me, with the same first move and go out in "Spidejoan" 6C.

After went to "Pal Montseny" 7A+/7B and I did this sunny boulder with some flash methodes.
In the afteroon we went to our three lovely obssesions in sector Nou and I tried "Tenacitas" 8A+ one of the best in the forest, a hard move to and underclimb little crimp, and two times falling in last crux.

With "Aresta Arcarons man" we rested in meditation about parallel worlds and we thought about after the dead. We had the sensation that other climbers of parallel worlds were trying the same boulder a the same time.They were there and also ourselves at a different time

Temporal Doubling: Hiperincursion

19 de marzo de 2011

Day & Night

Art of climbing

From a sunny day to night of grip in Can Boquet. It seems impos
sible but new lines are borning in Clàssic sector some old projects and new sit start version of classic problems like "A palo seko sit". Finally I did in clean climbing style the problem that is named like the famous film "Transpoting" double rotpunk with Jose.

Trainspotting 7C
Grade always approx ( more or less)

28 de febrero de 2011

Way of life

Song of the trip:

Miike Snow – Animal - Mark Ronson Remix

"........There was a time when my world was filled with the darkness....."

Albarracín is on fire! The boss climb the famous "Succionador". Is not the size of the dog in the fight is the size of the fight ! New line betwen the "Lucha en el fango" and "Un bocadito le daria" we call "El clonador de pestes" an alpinistic 6B very recomended. After Thunderman made the little roof "Eclipse" in the first try of this year. Also I try "Apeadero" only rest the two last moves .....not easy "Esperanza" sit start....... work in the hard "Cosmos".... "Galactica from the rifght" rest one hard movement and on "Sin porros" fall on the top. Waiting motivated for the next trip......

Franela in "Clonador de pestes" 6B+

Fart record for the family......I think this trip has been passed the record!

16 de febrero de 2011

No clean climbing style....

Just finished exams we had a nice sunny day with Jordi Thunderman (team Charko ) at Targasonne. We first warm up at Themis sector. After we went at the same zone to Harmonium and Pacman nice lines but was so hot. Finally I did the sit start version of Harmonium 7B+ but I did it in no clean climbing style. After we went to try the perfect boulder Eternal flame 7B+ and we had good sensations working on this boulder. Only rest last movements to go out. Finaly we went to La baleine for working in "Magic instinct "sit start 8A and "La baute de la chose" 7C beautiful travese that is realy self harm climbing with ham knives!

Today we went to Can boquet all the troupe, the truth was a little dirty home but the condition was good .... A little respect please. ..... We start at Classic in Volksvagen 6C+ then we made Acelera un poco más 6B Tsunami easy but very good and recomended...... later in Alebop 7A had to make some tries. The cousin wanted to give to the Sex Appel 7B/7B+ and with the new metod I did in the second try this desired boulder. After we went to sector Nou for work in Biceps power my last year project and I had good impressions.

Grade always approx ( more or less)

1 de febrero de 2011

Natural mystic First Ascent & Can boquet sensations

First ascent of one of the best in the forest! I love Can bruguera. Very nice sensations and a lot of feeling there's a Natural mystic twist me around.

There's a natural mystic blowing through the air,

If you listen carefully now you will hear.
Bob Marley

Clean & dream in Natural Mystic. Can bruguera.

Saturday motivated by some new perfect lines and perfect people with Miguel, Armando, Nacho, Agus, Olga....Iván aka tlivan and Franela's school.

Attempt to Anacardo
Foto: Armando from armandobloke.blogsopt.com

31 de enero de 2011

Natural mystic

Natural mystic. New boulder problem in Can bruguera. New motivation for developing this incredible area. Placed in a awesome wild nature that named this boulder problem.

Naturtal Mystic Can bruguera

Beautiful day

Bouldering in Barcelona, Llavaneres new boulder area in development. Zones Can bruguera, Fraggel Rock , Sumerhill & more......

Attempt to Anibal "Canibal" 7C+ Can bruguera
Foto: Núria

"Se me va la pinza" 7A+/7B"
Can bruguera
Foto: Núria