20 de mayo de 2011

Coupled lines

The rotpunkt is the end of a history is like a trip with no return. It can be happyness or sadness and sometimes could be both. Long time working in a project and in a few seconds.....

Last week on friday the history ended. I finally climbed the classic underclimb crack named "Biceps power". About two years of work in this amazing problem, always was physical and sometimes mental self harm climbing. Thanks to Armando methodes, Marcos ,Oriol and all people for motivation.

"Biceps power" 8A/8A+
This thursday was like a decoupling of mind and body........and I did "Phoas hole". It Is little crazy roof in Targasonne. Starts with two little underclimb crimps, really hard first moves and body tension to the end. Double rotpunkt with Armando. In the Afternoon it rains and we went to explore a new zone with a lot of potential new lines.

"Psoas hole" 8A+

2 de mayo de 2011


Song of the month: Pendulum – Watercolour

A few days ago we went to the chaos of love and I did in the end of the day one of the best boulders "Loby one" very incredible tecnical slab with a happy end. Also I did "I shoot sarconazy" in dyno version and "Compression" in stand up start. With a lot of fanatics friends we try some of the classics, like "Cerdagne air line" and crazy "Zdabaow" and a lot of other perfects projects of the chaos.