16 de mayo de 2012

Brain damage

      One of our favourites sources of pleasure is to think and  we are addicted to play to this little game, spending part  of our lifes inside mind. When we are thinking, normally we think  in a particular moment in the past  or future. The past and the future are only images in your mind and this moments doesn't exist out of your mind. 

Mental trainer
          The time could be the perception of a projection of the moments that create your mind, only exist the present moment, and we have to direct thoughts on the present moment, be conscious of your breath is a way,  keeping your mind thinking on the present moment you can stop think too much. If you are continously thinking  will get brain damage!
Text motivated by Eckhart Tolle

7 de febrero de 2012

Chips & pita

   At last on saturday I did the potatoes near the parking car called  Anibal (Canibal), but the final slab was so dificult for me with some adrenaline dosis at the end because they aren't good  prises. I think is the third ascent thank you all people! One of the most dreamed for me, excelent boulder one of my hardests and favourite lines sure..... Awesome!

Anibal ( Canibal) Foto Archive: Núria

Pd: Gracias a Armando, Olga , Jose , Juani y Nacho.......  si no llega a ser por vosotros no salgo, en especial a los métodos de Armando y a todos por los ánimos y portear de esa manera.

15 de enero de 2012

Natural mystic FA

One year after clean and climb  this incredible boulder today  was a special day with some fanatics friends.. 

4 de enero de 2012

Back to Basics

   The master yogi has visited us. He has forced us to do four hours of meditation before climbing. We wanted to climb but the teacher with the palm down indicating calm and with the other hand pointed to the sun, inviting us to take more energy. Has finally retired with his disciple who always carries a stick of wood in the mouth, leaving all granite pearls impregnated  of energy. Thanks for pointing the right way.

"Voy de lao" Second Ascent (Can Boquet) 

Back to basics means back to first principles, not to climb  in sympathetic state (state of alert or stress), wait for the parasympathetic state with meditation. The main function of the parasympathetic nervous system works on the body's stress level to decline it. Good year!

PD: Gràcies Zombi per visualitzar i netejar aquesta increïble línia, sens dubte una obra mestre i Armando que va fer la primera per mostrar el camí.