16 de mayo de 2012

Brain damage

      One of our favourites sources of pleasure is to think and  we are addicted to play to this little game, spending part  of our lifes inside mind. When we are thinking, normally we think  in a particular moment in the past  or future. The past and the future are only images in your mind and this moments doesn't exist out of your mind. 

Mental trainer
          The time could be the perception of a projection of the moments that create your mind, only exist the present moment, and we have to direct thoughts on the present moment, be conscious of your breath is a way,  keeping your mind thinking on the present moment you can stop think too much. If you are continously thinking  will get brain damage!
Text motivated by Eckhart Tolle

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  1. Ese victor!!
    Me mola el video, me trasmirte cosas buenas.
    Un saludo y hasta pronto man.

  2. Things happens just to increase your mind power, don't climb more than your thinkness allows you. Congratulations for this ascent, it's a good collection of moves, that makes you a better thinker, remember all the time who open the doors!!!
    Great video, now Siberia waits you!

  3. Thanks man! I don't forget the masters teachins! Always be grateful!

    See you soon in Siberia crag!

  4. I supose we learned bad: cogito ergo sum ... true about deep breaths, but do not forget endorphins. Do you laughing? Ah, nice ass, jejejejej !!!! Congratulations for republishing

  5. Vane

    Thank you! Should have more interesting things that my ass in the video but not everything in life should be just climb.

  6. It is clear that you knew a little what I said, obviously your good work, however, I did not know if you knew the other

  7. Another way to stop think too much is climb!

  8. yesterday i fell down a highball, just 7 mts with a confortable landing on rocks, herbs, and a craspad really misplaced.

    did i should focuse my mind in the thought that my broken leg was just a perception?
    I tried back the highball once, twice and maybe three times before i fell uncosncious...i woke up in the hospital and my gal told me i had have been slept for two days in the ICU...where i was that time?

    thank for your advices sensei, i tryu and i try, but by the moment my leg does'nt wanna follow my mind, fucking materialist!!!


  9. The pain is only a perception and sure, you had broke your leg in the fall. Now in the present moment your pain is necessary for think something in the future for your survival, with harm thinking too much in the past or in a far future is not necessary. It is necessary think many things for live but you don´t have to be addicted to think and to your thoughts.

    Often we have some thoughts that are in standby in our minds and some of them daily repeats the same sequences and they are always trying to take presence.

    Don´t think too much, control your thoughts with your breath.