7 de febrero de 2012

Chips & pita

   At last on saturday I did the potatoes near the parking car called  Anibal (Canibal), but the final slab was so dificult for me with some adrenaline dosis at the end because they aren't good  prises. I think is the third ascent thank you all people! One of the most dreamed for me, excelent boulder one of my hardests and favourite lines sure..... Awesome!

Anibal ( Canibal) Foto Archive: Núria

Pd: Gracias a Armando, Olga , Jose , Juani y Nacho.......  si no llega a ser por vosotros no salgo, en especial a los métodos de Armando y a todos por los ánimos y portear de esa manera.