28 de febrero de 2011

Way of life

Song of the trip:

Miike Snow – Animal - Mark Ronson Remix

"........There was a time when my world was filled with the darkness....."

Albarracín is on fire! The boss climb the famous "Succionador". Is not the size of the dog in the fight is the size of the fight ! New line betwen the "Lucha en el fango" and "Un bocadito le daria" we call "El clonador de pestes" an alpinistic 6B very recomended. After Thunderman made the little roof "Eclipse" in the first try of this year. Also I try "Apeadero" only rest the two last moves .....not easy "Esperanza" sit start....... work in the hard "Cosmos".... "Galactica from the rifght" rest one hard movement and on "Sin porros" fall on the top. Waiting motivated for the next trip......

Franela in "Clonador de pestes" 6B+

Fart record for the family......I think this trip has been passed the record!

6 comentarios:

  1. Capo! That's not a diedral, it is an off-width (the most scary crack)

  2. TRanki: Now I can see the lines never seen before


  3. mother fucker, cabronassos! Quin fart d etibar...casum dena...

    I'll train, i'll suffer, i will reach the top...

  4. Oriol: Fear is only the sensation of adrenaline injection.


  5. I need help, I think I got Lerna the other day. Any idea?

  6. Sergi:

    Ok I have some psoriasis but I'm not from Soria....are you from Burgos? I like black's onions morcilla....

    See you on Q4!