16 de febrero de 2011

No clean climbing style....

Just finished exams we had a nice sunny day with Jordi Thunderman (team Charko ) at Targasonne. We first warm up at Themis sector. After we went at the same zone to Harmonium and Pacman nice lines but was so hot. Finally I did the sit start version of Harmonium 7B+ but I did it in no clean climbing style. After we went to try the perfect boulder Eternal flame 7B+ and we had good sensations working on this boulder. Only rest last movements to go out. Finaly we went to La baleine for working in "Magic instinct "sit start 8A and "La baute de la chose" 7C beautiful travese that is realy self harm climbing with ham knives!

Today we went to Can boquet all the troupe, the truth was a little dirty home but the condition was good .... A little respect please. ..... We start at Classic in Volksvagen 6C+ then we made Acelera un poco más 6B Tsunami easy but very good and recomended...... later in Alebop 7A had to make some tries. The cousin wanted to give to the Sex Appel 7B/7B+ and with the new metod I did in the second try this desired boulder. After we went to sector Nou for work in Biceps power my last year project and I had good impressions.

Grade always approx ( more or less)

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  1. Rosike, need u 2 give me the real solution to send SEXAPPLE without the scaring jump...I'll sure invite u 2 some 5os...

  2. I try to guide you but you have the way.....