6 de abril de 2011

Parallel worlds

Two months ago I did "El poder de la mente" in Can boquet spend a few days to get the top. This boulder has very intresting movements: first move it' s hard about 7A+/7B and and has a final agonic mantle. Today I did in the first try the travese called "El poder de spiderjoan" a little more easy for me, with the same first move and go out in "Spidejoan" 6C.

After went to "Pal Montseny" 7A+/7B and I did this sunny boulder with some flash methodes.
In the afteroon we went to our three lovely obssesions in sector Nou and I tried "Tenacitas" 8A+ one of the best in the forest, a hard move to and underclimb little crimp, and two times falling in last crux.

With "Aresta Arcarons man" we rested in meditation about parallel worlds and we thought about after the dead. We had the sensation that other climbers of parallel worlds were trying the same boulder a the same time.They were there and also ourselves at a different time

Temporal Doubling: Hiperincursion

2 comentarios:

  1. yeah man, mind power...

    yesterday i dreamed ,myself "flowting" along JUMBO LOVE...will it be a premonition? Could i do it real?

    It's the FLOW THING..

  2. There are something more fast than light your thoughts....

    Keep dreaming...

    See you!