12 de enero de 2013

Night Club

Our shadow help us to understand that we are other thing that the experiences of life or knowledges, we're not our accomplishments, we're not our possesions ...We are not  what we do to the others or that the others do to us, we are not our thoughts......This is only a image of you and has been created inside you, by yourself, but also has been created  by the external forms that have appeared in your life for years, and now you believe that this image it's yourself, but it's not like this. We must return to the shadow.

Blood eye
Dissociation is a mental process where a person disconnects from their thoughts, feelings, memories or sense of identity is a depersonalisation and identity disorder.

Stand carving up the wall
why don't you open up me at all
I am ready, I am ready for a fall

8 comentarios:

  1. Vaya entrada guapa que te has pegado en el blog y el video muy guapo, pero como siempre no hay nada mejor que verlo en directo je,je..

  2. Gracias Armando! Con buena compañia todo sale mejor.

    Gracies Ivan!

  3. yah man...keep enjoying, just feeling all as an awesome trip inside and outside...

    Pezo arrencada de regletakas...ets un titan bow

  4. Merci Jose!


    Yes only trip..... you inspire me!!!

  5. And forget what you learned?
    who want to make the same mistakes?
    Hard to live without knowing who you are
    The shadow of one should not be anyone other than us. Although if I share some of what you say

  6. Don't forget, but we are not this things!

    See you!