22 de noviembre de 2011

The path

Cool and sunny day in Targassone. Tranki drove us from home to heaven with his spaceship and delighted us with a lot of different music to raise the motivation, it was an awesome session but a friend from Italy called Julio didn't understand this rare songs! 

"Walker , there is no path 
the path is make when walking" 

When we arrived first, we went to Deux Païenes sector to warmed up and we found some friends there like Edu, Nacho and Pol, after this we send "Little death" for me one of the most beautiful lines. At last we went to Dolmens sector with a lot of good lines and  I wanted to touch the sit start version of "I shoot sarconazy"  and  the surprise was that I did all movements and could link some of them. Now I think it's possisble, I like so much movements and it's one my really styles. Keep psyched!

        Curious Energy Drink:

This energy drink is not an sponsor, but is indicated for recovery of effects of suspicious minds, black eyes adictions and for the recovery of beens, who see  young people come up like foam.

2 comentarios:

  1. I vindràn els anys, i amb els anys la calma...

    MAnel is a good group, have no doubt!

    about bouldering...gotta give THE SECRET fucking shit! As mor i think more strange seems to me to watch you floating without training...wanna be you man...

  2. Tranki:

    Is not gold all that shine.The young people of twenty are really strong we are beens.

    Only rock climbing. I think plastic only for rehab and fun with friends.

    Thank you man!

    I have the same feeling with alpine and tradicional climbing ...wanna be you man!