29 de julio de 2011

Keep on move

All about how to make movements. If you try to do the movements perfectly you can have more security in your climbing and mind control becomes more easy.  Alex Honnold free solo climber and best mind player, explains this theory at his incredible film "Alone on the wall"

We follow the weather maps to choose the best days for bouldering. In Targasonne we search the north wind better condition for climb in summer. 

"Black bloc" 7C
Foto: Ivan  from  reisargantana.blogspot.com

"Bottant Botton" 7B+
Foto: Carlota

5 comentarios:

  1. Your point of view (blockerman) "If you do the movements perfectly then the mind control becomes more easy"
    My point of view (rockerman) "If you get the mind control then the movements become more easy"

    It just depends on how far from the ground you are.

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    Yes I think is the same but probably I prefer also mind control to do perfect movements, because the movements come from mind.

    In this post I wanted to share how important is try to do perfect movements both in difficult steps as dangerous ones. It's imposible try to do this kind of movements without precision.

    Best regards!

  3. MIND or MOVEMENT, MOVEMENT or MIND...Cause, effect, or inverse..???

    Keep control, pull, move better, control your mind better, then get up better...is a wheel, can't order them exactly, all is flow...

    We do need to have the fit, and also the mind, they are both useful but not separately...

    Keep pushing man, and have good trips to europe destiny!!!

    jah, IRIEI

  4. Hi Tranki!

    You can try to do it perfectly with a lot of precision and then the wheel start to rolling. But I think is most dificult to try to learn from the mind is better try to do it from the body because we know when we a make mistake or a wrong movement.

    Thanks man! I hope that you have also a good holidays.

  5. Hola, he seguit els vostres comentaris i després he posat en pràctica les vostres conclusions. Jo veig que la ment reté la informació i el cos l'expressa, per això, la repetició dels moviments és el meu camí ja sigui fins que em surt o fins que actua el pensament alternatiu i m'ofereix altres moviments. Desitjo que estigueu passant un bon estiu.
    Tranki: he seguit les teves anotacions i t'he de dir que hem descobert una cova molt aprop amb moltes possibilitats, tot i que, continuo sent una cagada agafant alçada, però vaig progressant adequadament